IlmQuest's goal and vision is to produce and distribute the best quality of Islamic audio to people of all faiths and backgrounds. This service has helped thousands of people gain access to Islamic knowledge in a convenient way.

Our numerous titles and topics are easily available on our website or at our store and we are proud of the products we offer. IlmQuest does not give any platforms to speakers with messages encouraging hate or violence which contradict the peaceful teachings of Islam. If it is brought to our attention that any of the speakers that we have produced or distributed audio for has resorted to such a message we will take appropriate steps to discontinue the sale or spread of those products.

We have been proudly serving our customers since 1995 and intend to continue doing so for the years to come.

Should you have any questions or remarks, please contact us at: or call 1-866-4-ILMQUEST (1-866-445-6783).

Best Regards,
IlmQuest Team